MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Would you rather take a cruise or do something on land? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement recently advising against cruise travel despite vaccination status. People in the cruise industry argue there are far more risky activities on land and say there are plenty of safeguards in place.

It’s the advisory that’s been a punch to the cruise industry months after they’ve tried to come back in 2021. The CDC says passengers can still get and transmit COVID and are advising against cruise travel while not banning it. A local travel agent argues cruising is safer than a lot of what we do on land.

“Everyone is vaccinated everyone has tested negative, why is that scarier than going to the grocery store or going to a bowl game?” asks Andrea Miller with Sea It All Travel. A cruise ship will finally set sail from Mobile for the first time since the pandemic on March 5th, 2022. Miller says there’s still a demand for cruising and people are taking the risks into account.

“Plenty of people 70 and over that have sailed happily and confidently and they’re not worried,” said Miller. At an industry trade group said they’re perplexed by the CDC’s advisory saying COVID cases make up a slim number of the majority of people on board a ship and it’s far less than what it would be on land. Miller said she’s been on four cruises since September.

“Each of the cruises I’ve been on there hasn’t been a person who tested positive on the cruise or shortly after the cruise,” said Miller. The advisory may also add to fatigue over health guidelines and recommendations.

“The constant changing of the CDC’s guidelines, the CDC has time and time again and then days later reversed those announcements,” said Miller. She says now is one of the best times to cruise, ships are at a lower capacity allowing people to have more space to keep their distance and keeping some cabins empty in the event isolation is needed.