MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — What was a regular night for a couple at a home on West Rachael Drive turned deadly after police say someone tried to break into their home.

WKRG News 5 spoke exclusively with the couple who lives at the home, including the man who shot the suspect. We’re not showing their faces or revealing their names because they’re concerned for their safety.

“We didn’t know what was going on,” said the wife. “It was very very traumatic.”

The couple says they’re still shaken up by what happened, but they believe they did what was necessary to protect their family.

“We were just lying in bed watching a Netflix show and the lady on Tv’s house was getting broke into,” said the wife.

Next thing they knew, so was theirs. The couple told News 5 they heard something fall. At first, they ignored it until they heard a tapping noise and their window shatter. The wife says she hit the floor and the husband went to check everything out.

“The person was trying to come through the window, so he shot him,” said the wife.

“We were just stunned by it more than anything but once we kept him out the house, we were okay,’ said the husband.

The wife says she called 911 and went to make sure her sleeping children were okay.

“I feel like it wasn’t real,” said the wife. “I was pinching myself because I thought I was like, dreaming.”

Mobile Police showed up to investigate. They say the suspect, 31-year-old Ryan Terrell, later died at the hospital.

“I was just shocked,” said the wife. “I’m still shocked, I’m hurting. It’s just don’t know. It’s crazy and I just feel afraid for my kids, that’s all.”

The couple says they hate they had to take matters into their own hands, but their message is clear.

“First of all, don’t break into people’s houses. Second of all, you need Protection for sure,” said the husband.

“Protect yourself, protect your family, because we are,” said the wife.

Alabama does have a stand your ground law. Police say they don’t plan to charge the couple with anything right now. Investigators will be handing over their evidence to the District Attorney’s Office.