MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Nobody cheers for a new toll, but the toll for the new I-10 and Mobile River Bridge project is significantly lower than what was proposed and killed three years ago. Metropolitan Planning Organizations signing on for a toll that’s 2.50 a trip, less than half of what was on the table in 2019. Some drivers say it’s a more sensible charge.

“I mean it’s a comparable rate with other tolls I’ve seen so yes I’d be alright with that for the project,” said Jonathan Provencher as he filled up at a Tillmans Corner gas station Tuesday morning. Others agree.

“Yes that’s a price I’d be willing to pay because I don’t go over there a lot so it would be economical to me,” said Tina Hanks from Semmes. The bridge project may be years away but inflation and the worries and problems that come with it are here now.

“We’re already paying so much extra for gas and even for people who commute for work that’s going to add up, we’re already paying in gas prices,” said Samantha VanKleek from west Mobile.

You may remember it was toll opposition–headed by State Auditor Jim Zeigler and mobilized by a Facebook group he created in 2019 that marshaled enough outrage to get MPO members to kill the bridge. A more recent check of the “Block the Tolls” Facebook group shows not as much toll discussion compared to three years ago and we don’t know how well organized toll opposition will be this time around.