DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — We’re expecting another frigid night across the coast with temperatures dropping below freezing into Sunday morning. People who weren’t inside were trying to stay warm as best they could outside Saturday.

Dozens of people get moving at the start of the annual “Run for Shep” in Daphne. The run raises money for the families of pediatric cancer patients. People were bundled up and despite the cold, no one was bailing on this tradition.

“Runners love cold weather I’m a runner myself and our mentality is these kids that are battling cancer and families have gone through so much so we can stick it out and run through cold weather,” said run director Brady Hall. With a temperature barely above freezing at the start of the run in some cases just getting your legs moving is one way to keep warm

“Yeah it’s a little chilly but once you get going it’s like being on an island right?” said runner Erin Hall. The chilly morning meant everyone was spending some energy just keeping their blood warm.

Across the bay in Mobile, city officials were wrapping things up at the Seals Community Center. It opened Friday night as a warming shelter into Saturday. Bold Humberto walks out covered in blankets, he was one of a handful of people who spent the night there to get out of the freezing temps.

“Well it was too cold man, thankfully I got some warmth,” said Bold Humberto