MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The cost of a new toll road in Mobile could add up for families and small businesses along the Gulf Coast. The Mobile River Bridge and Bayway project is set to put tolls on the Bayway and tunnel in the next few years.  It could cost 3-6 dollars per commute.  All told, that could equal $1500-$3000 dollars a year. 

The news concerns Baldwin County resident Ashlyn Hale.  She says, “I probably have to get get a second job.”

Hale drives across the bay every day and money is already tight. When asked what it would do to her budget, she said it would “completely ruin it.”

Small businesses like Quick Delivery have multiple trucks traveling back and forth on the Bayway each day.   Michael Bernard says his company will have to push the costs on to their customers.  He says, 
“We have to raise freight costs on shipping.”

The financial impact could also accompany the annoyance of backed up traffic even with electronic tolls and pay by plate passes.  The Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project wants to implement the toll in the next 6 years.