Community brings food to the table for child with two rare diseases

Mobile County

SARALAND, Ala. (WKRG) — A parent’s worst nightmare, a sick kid, and no idea what’s causing the illness. After several doctors and tests, one Mobile County family found it was their child’s food that’s making him sick.

There are hundreds of options in the grocery store, but very few of them work for baby Wyatt. The Clark family found in order to feed their son, they needed to go out and hunt.

Heather Clark said, “He started having some health difficulties around a couple days old. He went into septic shock and had to go to the hospital.”

Heather knew there was something wrong with her baby. She continued, “At four months old his pediatrician was still telling me that the arching and back screaming and pain, projectile vomiting, having to be changed 10-15-20 times a day because he was just covered in vomit and stool was all normal.”

Several tests with new doctors revealed baby Wyatt has two rare gastrointestinal diseases. Heather explained, “His body thinks that food is an allergen and it starts attacking itself, so he has a lot of difficulties with new foods and anything processed.”

After trying several foods, the family found deer meat is the best solution. Heather said, “When you’ve got a kid with special needs, the very last thing you want to be concerned about is how you’re going to feed your child.”

Family friend Chris McDonald made a Facebook post asking friends to donate any deer meat they could. People around the area, and even out of the state lined up wanting to donate. Chris told us about one of the most touching donations. He said it came from a young girl. He said, “She told us, you know, this is my first deer and we like deer meat, but we don’t have to have it and this baby needs it.”

Heather Clark was surprised to say the least. She said, “When Chris called me telling me about it, I was crying on the way to go meet these people and it’s just a feeling you can’t really describe.”

Heather’s husband Jeremy was hunting for their family when she called with the news. Jeremy said, “I pull in the driveway and I’ve got 10-12 deer sitting in coolers.”

The food kept coming. Jeremy said, “We started realizing, we’re getting enough, and there’s other kids out there that have the same condition. What can we do to help?”

The family has decided to start a non-profit to help other families across the country going through the same struggles. The Clarks tell News 5 it will be called “Clean Meat for Little Feet.”

The Clark family says none of this would be possible without all the support they’ve received. Several events and companies are involved including: Iron Men Outdoors, Elaine Row Memorial Kids Day Out, Stockton Deer Processing, and One Meal

You can learn more about the two gastrointestinal diseases here: FPIS, EOE.


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