MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Twenty years have passed since a Mobile mother went missing but her daughters refuse to stop searching for answers. They want to get her name and face out there so that she isn’t forgotten.

Jess Austyn and Starla Pierce only have photographs to remember their mother, Lisa Ann Pierce. The 27-year-old beautiful brunette, known for her bubbly personality, vanished on November 6, 2000. She was last seen at the corner of Government Boulevard and Pleasant Valley Road in Mobile. She was reported missing by her common-law husband.

“Everything I heard of her is that she was a light of a person, and that light deserves to still be here. That world is darker without her,” Austyn said.

Jess was turning five and Starla was two when their mother went missing. She loved her little girls but she could not care for them due to her personal problems. She placed them both up for adoption. Pierce was a drug addict but had a big heart.

“She was not just an addict. She was so much more than that,” Austyn told WKRG News 5.

“She wouldn’t just leave or give up on me,” Pierce said.

There aren’t many clues but police believe she may have been killed. Detective Dorthea Long with Mobile Police took over the case a few years ago. She believes a crime was committed and that Pierce may one day be found through DNA.

“We have gotten information, ‘She’s over here!’ We checked and that didn’t pan out, or ‘Oh she’s over there!’ We checked that, and that that didn’t work. None of our leads panned out,” Long said.

Jess Austyn has maintained a Facebook Page, trying to keep her mother’s face out there. It’s called “Missing-Lisa Ann Pierce.” She is hoping just the right person will see it.

“You need to come forward. If not, you are going to be found. It’s a matter of time. I am not going to stop until you are caught, and that’s the end of that,” Austyn said.

While they don’t have a lot of hope their mother is alive however, the daughters just can’t rest until they know what happened.

“We will never give up. If we don’t find her before we die, that will be the only time we gave up. We are never going to stop searching,” Pierce said.

If you have any information that can help the case, please call Mobile Police at 208-7211. Ask for Detective Long.