MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — One of the Co-founders of Mobile County’s oldest drug treatment program has passed away. Carol Miller helped found Mission of Hope Ministries in the early 70s and died just before Memorial Day. From the sturdy chapel at the top of a hill to the reminder to take the Lord with you before leaving, 87-year-old Carol Miller left her mark on this ministry.

“Mama was one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever known and it didn’t matter how many times she was hurt she would keep giving,” said daughter Peppi Garrett. She co-founded this faith-based drug treatment facility with her husband Lonnie and stayed active in it for decades.

“Always showing that love and seeing that love, being a former addict a lot of times we didn’t know that love and recognize and see these people to come in and love on you,” said former client Patrick Rivers. Mission of Hope marks 50 years in this location in the extreme western part of Mobile County and there’s no telling how many people have been helped in that time.

“It wasn’t just the client it was their family as well and one of their mottos was “when you change a man you change their family,” said Garrett. There were days of heartbreak and challenges but the people around Carol Miller said she worked hard to provide personal care and respect to every client they had–and knew in a perfect world, this work wouldn’t be necessary.

“If you never try that first drink, you never try that first drug you’ll never need the mission of hope,” said Garrett.