City prepares for annexation vote and not all council members are on board

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — On Tuesday, November 19th, Mobile’s City Council is set to vote on annexing three areas west of Mobile into the city.

There has never been a single City Council member to vote against any of the city’s proposed five annexations over the last 25 years, but two council members say they’re opposed to the idea.

A third “no” vote would kill the annexation vote. Mayor Sandy Stimpson favors annexation which could bring in as many as 13,000 citizens to Mobile. Councilman Fred Richardson is against annexation saying it will cost citizens more than the city would gain.

Councilman Richardson says annexing is just not a good financial decision. He said the city has been losing 700 people every year, so adding an extra 13,000 will not make a lasting impact. He said he’s been in favor for past annexations because they helped the city. He says the current plan will cost more than it will help.

Richardson said, “We’re only going to collect 2.2-million-dollars from them. It’s going to cost us nearly 40-million-dollars to service them. You think my vote’s going to be yes on that? Do you think you would buy a building to rent and it’s going to cost you 27-million-dollars to buy the building, and the rent you’re going to collect is 2.2-million-dollars? Your expense is going to be 27-million-dollars on that building, and you’re going to collect 2.2-million-dollars, and you’re going to buy the building? I don’t think so.”

Councilman Richardson said in the last few years, more populated cities have received less than Mobile has with its current population. He said growing Mobile will not necessarily mean more money.

It will take five council members to vote “yes” for the annexation measure to pass. If it’s approved, the annexation special election would take place by the end of the year.


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