MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Drivers who regularly take McGregor Avenue to get on Airport Boulevard or Dauphin Street will be excited to learn the city’s plan to help relieve the congested traffic.

In a plan prepared by the City’s Engineer Nick Amberger, McGregor Avenue will expand from two to three lanes, and a roundabout will be installed at the intersection of Dauphin Street and McGregor Avenue.

Amberger said he’s fully aware of the traffic issues that people face when driving on McGregor Avenue and believes this plan will help target that issue.

“It’s very heavy traffic movement between Dauphin Street and McGregor hitting Airport Boulevard,” said Amberger. “And so we’re very hopeful. And all the designs in the study show that the roundabout should ease up the traffic there.”

As this is a big project, costing around $8 million to $10 million dollars, the city turned to other resources to help with the funding.

James Gordon with the Alabama Department of Transportation, otherwise known as ALDOT for short, said the city requested federal funding, and ALDOT manages that money.

“So anytime federal transportation money is involved, ALDOT manages that money,” said Gordon. “In this case, the MPO, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, requested the money and that’ll take care have 80% of this project, and the city will have to then take care of the remaining amount, which is 20%.”

As this construction might be a headache for some drivers while the expansion process of McGregor is happening, some drivers who take Airport Boulevard and Dauphin Street on their daily commute were excited to hear that there is a plan in store to help with the traffic.

Mobile residents Katherine Knorr and Brie Thomas were excited about a roundabout coming to Dauphin Street.

“I think a roundabout would really help everyone’s commute in the mornings and just driving day to day,” said Knorr.

“I think anything that improves, congestion on airport will be welcomed,” said Thomas.

Other drivers, such as Kerri Jones, believe more is required to help the traffic issues on McGregor Avenue.

“I think the traffic will happen regardless being that there’s a lot of people that take that direction of travel,” said Jones. “And the only way I feel like that would help traffic was either adding another lane or adding a sensor on the light because a lot of people it’s stopping go stop and go traffic going towards each light, and I feel like that’s what’s building up traffic.”

According to Amberger, the project is fully designed, and construction will take about 18 months and begin in February.

During the construction, parts of McGregor will be closed off, so Amberger encourages those to follow the detour signs that will be posted.