MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — People will get their first chances to weigh in on new Mobile City Council district boundaries at a couple of town hall meetings. The new borders create a 4th majority African American district. Both of these meetings will be virtual town halls held on the city’s Facebook page Tuesday at noon and 5 pm.

Under the current proposal, the city creates a 4th majority-minority district in District 7 on the city’s northwest side. It moves a portion of the Spring Hill area to District-1. District 3 will take in areas west of Dog River currently in District-4. The city council will provide input and the mayor will come up with a final plan by February 12th.

Once the council gets the mayor’s final plan members will have six months to approve or reject it. In an email sent Friday Mayor Sandy Stimpson said, “There have already been some suggested adjustments and there will be more moving forward.” The plan divides the city into seven equally populated districts with more than 26-thousand people each. The new districts were developed by a legal team and the city’s mapping staff. In general, the city’s overall population, and African-American population, is drifting to the west.