CITRONELLE, Ala. (WKRG) —  A Citronelle School has created a fundraiser to help one of their students whose mother unexpectedly passed away from an apparent heart attack days after her 10th birthday.

Jordan Williams attends McDavid Jones Elementary School and had no idea last week would be the last time she saw her mother. Her aunt LaTonya Williams has stepped in to take care of her niece during these difficult times.

“It’s hard for her,” Williams said. “She just went through a birthday, and her mom passed away two days after her birthday. So, she’s got a lot of emotion in her. We have our good days and our bad days… we’re just taking it all day by day.”

Last Thursday morning at the bus stop was the last time Jordan saw her mother.

“She literally went to school, kissed her mom goodbye, and came home to, you know… no mom.”

Jordan and her mother took pictures at that bus stop every morning. They took a picture that Thursday morning. This young girl has taken a lot of loss in the past four years.

“Tragically enough this is the 4th death in our family in the last 4 years,” Williams said. “The 4 fundamental people in her life are gone. First, it was my grandparents, then her aunt, then her mom. So it’s 4 people that were basically her life.”

The staff at McDavid Jones Elementary School created a fundraiser to assist Jordan. If enough money is raised, it will go into a savings account that can be accessed when Jordan turns 16. Jordan’s aunt says she is simply grateful.

“Jordan, she’s a straight-A honor roll student and a perfect attendance student. Her mom passed away on Thursday and she wanted to go to school on Friday,” said Williams. “It’s a blessing, it’s just comforting to know the people in the community feel and they’re showing love and it’s very appreciative.”

For more information on how you can donate to the fundraiser click here.