MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A small Mobile Church moves forward a day after an unthinkable tragedy unfolded at their doorstep. Police say True Cornerstone Church on Halls Mill Road was the scene of attempted murder and suicide. Friends say a man came to the church looking for his wife, shot her outside and then shot and killed himself. Clean-up continues inside and there’s a new wall outside, thanks to quick generosity from the surrounding community.

“People are incredible, we had people we don’t even know come by here yesterday,” said Pastor Derek Gandy. The pastor and his wife say the woman who was shot immediately started praying.

“She was calling on Jesus, even with the bullet in her she was calling on Jesus,” said the Pastor’s wife, Kula Gandy. It’s a sad tragedy for everyone, the pastor says the victim and the shooter were both friends of theirs. The service forged ahead.

“I can’t preach faith if I don’t live by faith cannot preach determination if you don’t live by it,” said Derek Gandy. Despite all that unfolded in this tragedy the pastor’s wife said her faith was strengthened.

“The Devil is not going to get the victory, at all, he is not going to get the victory,” said Kula Gandy. “To be able to come and pray for her and see she was already looking uk that she was already praying that she was already calling on Jesus I already knew Jesus was going to take care of her.” She points out that things could have gone a lot worse. The car could have crashed into a packed church, the shooter could have shot his wife several times or several people could have been hurt. None of that happened.

“I’m still alive, that young lady is still alive,” said Kula Gady. Mobile Police Have yet to formally release any names in the case. At this time News 5 is withholding the identities of the couple involved. They’re still trying to raise money to help fund building repairs. You can find them on Facebook. They’re asking for donations via “Cash App” to $TCCgive