MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It has been five months since a bullet went through a home on Dobbs Avenue near Emogene and Sage Avenue, hitting a child in the arm.

Orion Comiskey, now 10, said he’s doing ok but wants those responsible to be caught.

Twice a week, Orion has been going to physical therapy to build back the muscle that was injured when he was shot in his home in December.

“Whenever I start getting active, my wrist starts hurting,” said Orion.

On Dec. 4, Orion was at his mom’s home watching youtube videos when he heard a loud noise.

“I thought it was lightning,” said Orion.

He didn’t know he had been shot until his mom told him, which is a memory he won’t soon forget. When asked what anyone should do when they hear gunshots, he replied, “you get down on the ground.”

His family said two cars next door were littered with bullet holes, and the boy was an innocent bystander. The artery in Orion’s left arm was severed. “I can’t tie my shoes anymore,” said Orion.

He’s had two surgeries, leaving behind a big scar. Orion said it’s scary that whoever is responsible for firing the shot that hit him is still out there.

“Whenever I go to PT, or like a while ago I was going to PT every time, so they play the news, and every time I see there’s a shooting on there,” said Orion. We asked him how that made him feel, he responded, “are there just people running around shooting people?”

He’s working on building back his strength and hopes the person who pulled the trigger is found soon.

“Why haven’t they caught the person that shot me yet,” he asked.

Orion said he also may have to have a third surgery to repair the muscle in his arm. No arrests have been made, anyone with information about this shooting is urged to contact Mobile police.