PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — Members of the Mobile Housing Authority are calling for a ceasefire at a public housing complex after hundreds of emergency calls and several shootings this year at Gulf Village homes. Residents and managers say the violence is disrupting what should be a safe place.

Contractors jam one of the streets at Gulf Village Homes. Managers here say some contractors had to duck for cover during one recent shooting. Several residents we spoke with say something has to be done.

Erica Key, Gulf Village resident: “There’s been a lot of shooting and carrying on and it’s crazy, I don’t know who’s doing it, I think they should just give everybody vouchers and have everyone move on out of here,” said resident Erica Key. Some residents said they were scared of retaliation and didn’t want to talk on camera. One woman told me she was so worried about safety that she wouldn’t let her kids play outside.

“Our children don’t have a safe place to not only live but to play and home is supposed to be a safe place and right now we can’t say that it’s safe,” said Mobile Housing Authority CEO Michael Pierce. Some residents off the main road of the campus say they hear gunshots but don’t have the same worries.

MHA sent this news release last week:

The Mobile Housing Authority calls on Gulf Village residents and visitors to a ceasefire.

So far this year, Prichard Police has responded to 230 calls at Gulf Village Homes.

MHA is extremely concerned by the high number of 911 calls and almost daily shootings at the property.

Residents, employees, and innocent bystanders are at risk.

In March, MHA released its $1.8 million two-phase Gulf Village Homes Infrastructure Plan.

The Gulf Village Homes Infrastructure Plan is supported by funds awarded by the Mobile County Commission.

This month, contractors have had to take cover and protect themselves while working on the job.

As an employer and landlord, the health and safety of our team members, residents, and contractors are of paramount importance to us.

Mobile Housing Authority pleads with the public to stop this gun violence.

In hopes to combat crime, MHA recently increased its security budget at Gulf Village Homes and has requested increased patrols from the Prichard Police Department and Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.