MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Along Airport Boulevard Saturday, west of I-65, it would be hard to miss a crowd of Republican voters. They were waving signs mostly for GOP Mobile County District Attorney candidate Keith Blackwood. His pitch to voters is that his time in the DA’s office is an asset.

“My experience, my passion for justice I’ve got an almost 15-year record now of fighting for the people of Mobile County,” said Blackwood. “I’ll continue to do that as their next district attorney I’m excited and thrilled to take that role.”

On the other side of I-65, in midtown Mobile at the cannon, supporters of the Democratic candidate for District Attorney Moshae Donald waive their signs and hope for votes Tuesday.

“We need a change in leadership in Mobile County,” said candidate Moshae. “We want our communities safer and we want to see people get a fairer shot, just being tough on crime is not enough. We have to be tough on crime and also smart on solutions and that’s what I bring.”

Regardless of the outcome, we know changes will happen in Mobile County Tuesday during election day. The county will at the very least elect new people as sheriff and district attorney. In a midterm election year marked by parties and partisanship, it’s rare to find anyone who’s neutral.

WKRG managed to find some neutrality on Government Street near the Winn Dixie. Members of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity were doing a community service project. They were not waving signs for a candidate or party, but to remind people to vote.

“That’s what we’re all about, it’s what the fraternity is all about,” said Dr. Terry Hazzard with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. “Community service and we’re encouraging the citizens of Mobile to do just that.”