MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Women who are dealing with hair loss due to medical conditions are in store for a new hairstyle. Tracey Morgan is the CEO and Founder of Sugar Me Lace & Mink Bar. 

In 1998, Morgan was pregnant with her son when she was given the news that she had breast cancer. Her mother and sister were also diagnosed with breast cancer. They all lost their hair after undergoing chemotherapy. That experience inspired her to open a safe space where women can go if they are in search of a new hairdo.

She provides a variety of custom, human hair cranial prostheses, also known as, medical wigs to help women gain their self-confidence again after a tough time. Morgan understands first-hand the trauma that comes with hair loss.

“We are always told that our hair doesn’t matter but to wake up or touch your hair or find your hair laying on a pillow is a different experience than you cutting your hair off,” said Morgan. “My hair is a part of me.”

Morgan said her idea is rooted in wanting women to have a private place where they can feel openly discuss hair loss.

“I visited a hair store and there was not an intimate setting there, you had to sit out in the open in front of everyone,” said Morgan. “I thought about women that had to come in to remove their wigs or scarves from their head and you have an audience standing behind you.”

The homey aura in Sugar Me Lace is all a part of the experience.

“Women can come in here and we can laugh, cry, get lunch, whatever helps them feel comfortable,” said Morgan.

Prefer your natural hair, the medical wigs can be styled any way you like. Additionally, they come with protective caps to shield the scalp from any scratches. Morgan is also a Durable Medical Equipment provider and Sugar Me Lace accepts medical insurance.

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