MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A breakthrough Monday in a two-year investigation: A man was arrested by Mobile Police after two men were shot and killed on Rangeline Road in 2021.

“Really priceless because it’s been so long,” was the reaction from Ariyah Williams, the sister of Dwan Williams, after learning an arrest had been made in her brother’s murder.

“We’ve been trying to hang on and hoping that something works out, so when someone has actually been arrested, we’re like, woooo,” Williams said.

Her sigh of relief comes almost two years after Dwan and Andre Carter were found shot to death inside a car in 2021. 

Investigators say on the early morning of Nov. 21, 2021, Dwan and Carter were driving home to Mississippi after a rap performance at a nightclub in Prichard when a car pulled up next to them on Rangeline Road and someone opened fire. 

On Monday, Mobile Police arrested Ardis Prez and charged him with two counts of murder and two counts of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle.

Prez was captured in California by the LA County Sheriff’s Department two weeks ago and extradited back to Mobile. WKRG crews were there when he was escorted to a police car before going to Metro jail.

“I don’t know anything, so I don’t have nothing to say,” Prez said after reporters asked him questions.

Ariyah relives the moments after she heard her brother, a former Greene County High Football player, had been shot. She drove from Biloxi to Mobile to see what had happened that early morning and was the first person on the scene.

“All the anger, frustration and emotion just clouded me all at once,” Ariyah said. “And I was a very angry person for a long time because I honestly didn’t understand because he was so goofy, bubbly, and we joked, and we danced all the time.”

Although she feels like their family is one step closer to receiving Justice for Dwan, who would’ve turned 25 this month. She believes there’s more to the story, and more people involved in this double homicide.

She told us the family has seen surveillance video of three people leaving the vehicle after the shooting but were nowhere to be found when police arrived.

“There’s so many missing pieces,” Ariyah said. “We’re hoping that this will finally connect the pieces, so both families can finally rest and stop worrying so much because when we go to the gravesite, we also have the same questions of what happened? Why?”

Her message to other families who are going through the process of finding their loved one’s killer is to stay hopeful.

“Don’t give up because just because it’s not happening right now or a year from now, maybe it’ll take three years from now, but it will happen. Justice will be served,” Ariyah said. “I just feel as if people should really hug their loved ones really tight, take more pictures, more videos, more memories because all of that matters.”

Mobile Police say this investigation is still active, and more arrests could follow.