CHICKASAW, Ala. (WKRG) — After a shooting left a woman dead in her home, her boyfriend is demanding answers.

Police have identified Kimberly Robles, 21, as the victim of a shooting off 3rd Avenue in Chickasaw Thursday night.

Her boyfriend, Anthony Ford, did not want to discuss the details of the murder, but he did want to focus on how much his girlfriend meant to him.

He tells News 5 that her name was Kimberly Cabrera.

“Imagine you spend 10 years in Birmingham, learning how to be a grown-up, come back home, and it feels like purgatory,” said Ford. “You spend a year in that purgatory busting your a**, us trying to grow, get a better job, get a better career, get a better life and get out. Then you meet somebody who is just wonderful. You build a bond with them. You have a relationship with them for two years, and then they disappear. That’ll f**k you up, right? Well, Kim came into my life right around then. Right around when she left. And we went through turmoil after turmoil and this woman kept coming back to help me. She kept coming back to help me rebuild myself.”

Ford says his girlfriend was a wonderful mother to a four-year-old, who now has to live without her. He says her daughter was at her mother’s house at the time of the shooting.

Police say a suspect or suspects arrived to the home and started shooting. Robles was shot multiple times, and police say there was no sign of forced entry.

Police say three people were in the home during that time, and Ford witnessed the entire incident.

Robles was taken to USA Trauma, and she died of her injuries.

News 5 spoke to witnesses off-camera. A neighbor tells us she heard about six to eight gunshots and a scream. They quickly took cover to get away from the incident.

Now, Ford is demanding answers.

“So if you know anything, speak the f**k up,” said Ford. “Somebody’s out there ruining everybody’s name. Rogue shooters are bad for everybody. If you know something, say something, say it to me.”

He says his plan today is to get people to remember his girlfriend.

“She deserves to be recognized for all the greatness she was,” said Ford. “What could have been.”

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