MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A man has been granted bond after he was found guilty on Oct. 20, 2022, of a murder that happened in 2019, according to court documents.

David Cordero-Hernandez was found guilty in the 2019 murder of Tracie Dennis. He was acquitted of his abuse of a corpse charge. On Oct. 21, a judge set Cordero-Hernandez’s bond at $100,000.

Court documents show that officials with the state filed a motion to have his bond revoked but that motion was denied. The state claimed Cordero-Hernandez is “a danger to the community and a flight risk.”

According to Cordero-Hernandez’s attorney, Domingo Soto, the Alabama Criminal Procedure Rule Section 7.2 allows a defendant who has been convicted and is facing 20 years or less is eligible for bond.

“Twenty [years] the cusp. When he’s the past 20 And below is discretionary, whether he should give you bond,” said Soto. “The big sticking point with the D.A.’s Office is they’re saying it’s mandatory prior to sentencing. And the rule says, after conviction and sentencing, and there’s this gap in the rule.”

Chief Assistant District Attorney, Keith Blackwood said he’s aware of this rule, but this is not typical for people convicted of murder. He is not happy with this decision.

“You know, the rules or the Rules of Criminal Procedure apply here,” said Blackwood. “I don’t think the intent of you know the Supreme Court or the legislature in setting these rules and rule 7.2 would ever be that a convicted murderer would be out on bond.”

Soto said Cordero-Hernandez is entitled to bail because of his rights as an American citizen and that his bail is protected in the Alabama State Constitution.

“Then the issue becomes well, should you revoke his bond?” asked Soto. “There’s no, there’s no statute. There’s no rule that addresses that.”

Blackwood said the judge should reconsider his decision. He has the plan to file another motion to get Cordero-Hernandez’s bail revoked.

“We will express that to the court and we’re going to ask the court to revoke this appeal,” said Blackwood. “One that he said so that Mr. Cordero Hernandez can be in custody awaiting sentencing, where he will hopefully go to prison for a very, very long time.”

Cordero-Hernandez will be officially adjudicated at sentencing which is scheduled for Nov. 28th. He faces 20 years to life in prison.

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