MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Americans are paying nearly double at the gas pump compared to last year.

The high prices are impacting not only drivers but boaters as well.

The cost of regular gas is up significantly, and diesel is even higher. Seeing these numbers soar has boaters reeling.

Charter Captain Richard Rutland said, “It’s tough.” Rutland makes his living out on the water. He said, “I kind of feel like I’m on every one of my trips, I’m kind of, I don’t know, I’m kind of hitting my max limit on what I feel comfortable as far as burning in fuel every day.”

To make up for skyrocketing costs, he said he’s raised his prices. Rutland said, “Most everybody has just said hey we understand and we’re all dealing with it.” He continued, “It’s really a hard pill to swallow, you know, having to spend twice as much as we did last summer.”

Recreational boaters are also making some changes due to the higher prices. Larry Kirby said, “We’re doing less, but we’re doing shorter term, shorter, you know, fishing inshore instead of offshore, so it’s, makes it a lot easier and less expensive that way.”

WKRG News 5 asked Kirby how much it costs to fill up his boat. He said, “Well if you’ve got a 50-gallon boat, you’re going to spend 250 bucks.”

These high fuel costs are not stopping boaters or fishing tournaments. Rutland said, ” I don’t ever want to feel like I am not doing something as a result of gas prices coming up, I want to provide the same experience I’ve always been providing.”