SARALAND, Ala. (WKRG) — Black bears are making themselves right at home in neighborhoods as cities like Saraland grow.

“He will come from the wooded area over here or the wooded area over there he doesn’t have a preference,” resident Deanna Nezat said.

But residents of the Elysian Neighborhood do not seem to mind this wildlife creature.

“He is one of our neighbors now,” resident Melissa Flowers said.

Flowers has lived in this neighborhood for the past five years; she said that her family first spotted a bear within the first year of moving into the neighborhood off of Celeste Road.

“I mean we want to protect him; we know that they’re getting thrown out of the place they live with all the neighborhoods coming up,” Flowers said.

Since moving in, the bear has become more of a fun sight to see compared to a terror. Flowers’ children said that it’s pretty “cool” to see a bear every once in a while.

But this bear can be a messy neighbor as residents tell WKRG that they constantly see the animal getting into garbage cans.

“He’s gotten into our trash, two-three times, and he will be right at the road digging in your trash can,” Nezat said.

Now, resident ensure that they put their garbage cans away in a place where they will not be rummaged through.

“He just goes up and down the sidewalk and loves to hang out,” Flowers said.

Residents said that they have not named the bear just yet, but they do have some ideas.

“I have thought about the fact that Saraland might need to change their name to bear-a-land instead of Saraland,” Flowers said.

Alabama only has black bears, and in the southwest region of the state, you can find around 300 black bears roaming around.