MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — There’s a movement in Alabama to increase the maximum bond a judge can give a murder suspect.

It is in an attempt to curb the so-called “revolving door of crime.” The Montgomery County District Attorney is trying to get the maximum bail for murder suspects set at $1.5 million, in an attempt to keep violent criminals behind bars. The Mobile County District Attorney, Ashely Rich, supports these efforts but says there is more that can be done.

Right now, the recommended range for bail in the state of Alabama for murder is between $15,000 and $150,000 dollars. “The judge can set it above that range because it is a recommended range. The DA’s around the state, including myself, think this is a step in the right direction, to increase the amount of bond,” said Rich.

The Montgomery County District Attorney, Daryl Bailey, has filed a motion to increase the maximum bail to $1.5 million.

Local law enforcement officials say the lower bond allows violent criminals to get back on the street, as many have been arrested again for new violent crimes while out on bond for murder.

“Happens more frequently than it should for sure. It is very very frustrating to us because we’ve asked in the beginning for high bonds or for not to let them get a bond, but the judges are continuing to give them bonds,” said Rich.

While Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich supports this plan, she says there is more that can be done.

She has been a supporter of Aniah’s Law, a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow judges to set no bond in certain criminal cases. It’s passed through the legislature but now goes to the people to vote on the measure in November.

The Montgomery County DA’s motion has been approved by the criminal rules committee of the Alabama Supreme Court, but the Alabama Supreme Court still needs to review it before it can be approved. It’s not clear when that will happen.