MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — When Logan Wainwright’s family members learned their loved one was killed in Greene County, Miss., their world would change forever. Deputies from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office would then place Michael Holder, 37, into custody and charge him with premeditated murder.

According to deputies from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Wainwright, a Mount Vernon native, 22, was shot and killed at his girlfriend’s home off Old Hwy 63 in Lucedale on Jan. 28. Deputies said when Wainwright and his girlfriend arrived at the home, Holder reportedly ambushed them with a rifle and fired multiple rounds, striking Wainwright while he was in his car, killing him.

According to investigators, a neighbor heard gunshots, and when he ran out, Holder shot at him. The man returned fire, and Holder ended up getting struck. He was taken to receive medical care for the gunshot wound.

According to Chief Deputy Brad Warrick from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Holder was served with a warrant for his arrest and faced a judge Friday for a bond hearing. He was denied bond and faces a premeditated murder charge.

The mourning family remembers Logan as a caring, loving man who’d always go out of his way to help anyone he can. The Citronelle High School graduate was a youth football coach in Citronelle and played different sports.

“He done it all,” said Pamela Wainwright-Yancey, Logan’s mother. “And Logan–he done it all; he does soccer, baseball, football, fishing, bowling, and he was in all that it activities in his high school.”

“He loved his family a lot,” said Kelsey Wainwright, Logan’s sister. “He was always there for everybody. Whenever you asked he would jump on it.”

“He wanted to be a family man,” said Wainwright-Yancey. “He wanted kids. He just— he’ll never have that opportunity. I’ll never have the opportunity of being able to see grandbabies from him. And that’s all he ever wanted was to be a daddy. He said mom I wanted to be a good daddy as my daddy was to me.”

His sister Kelsey said her brother was excited to meet his soon-to-be niece, but that day will, unfortunately, never come.

“One of the last things he did was help us paint our baby’s nursery,” said Kelsey. “And he was supposed to come back the next day to help us finish the floors and get all of our decorations but he never made it.”

His mother continues to say that there is not a day that goes by when she does not think about her son.

“I miss him coming home in the evenings and playing pool with his little brother while I cook dinner,” continued Pamela. “I miss those phone calls if I wouldn’t call him by the time he got home in the evening, Mommy, you when you come in home or you cook.”

The family is relieved Holder was denied bond. Even though he was denied bond, the family is still demanding justice for Logan.

“I just don’t want this swept under the rug,” said Wainwright-Yancey. “I don’t want a slap on the wrist. I want justice for my child. He’s not here to speak for himself no more. So it’s my place to have to take that and make sure that he gets justice.”

According to Chief Deputy Warrick, Holder is still seeking medical treatment at an undisclosed location. Once he’s released, he will be transported to the Greene County Jail.