MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — It has been nearly a month since the Archdiocese of Mobile reported to the District Attorney’s office that former Father Alex Crow had abandoned his assignment at Corpus Christi Parish and fled to Italy with an 18-year-old recent McGill-Toolen Graduate.

Monday morning, Archbishop Thomas Rodi, made his first public comment on the scandal in a video posted on Facebook.

“I join with you, who are concerned, sad, angry about the behavior of Alex Crow and how his behavior is affecting the young woman through his traveling, their families and the entire family of the archdiocese of Mobile,” Rodi said.

This comes a week after two letters written by Crow were released. One was a Valentine’s Day letter addressed to the at the time 17-year-old girl, that the two were married.

“Now, I know you have questions,” Rodi said. “I do, too.”

According to the archdiocese’s website, Crow has not yet been permanently removed as a priest. However, he is not allowed to preform priestly duties.

“Alex Crow was immediately notified that he could no longer preform any priestly ministry,” Rodi said. “He could not dress like a priest; he could not tell people he is a priest.”

Mobile County Sheriff Office tells WKRG that despite Crow being told he cannot practice priesthood, he is still practicing in Italy.

“We see no way for Alex Crow to return to ministry, and this has been shared widely in the catholic church,” Rodi said.

The archbishop is planning to formerly dismiss Crow from priesthood, but that process cannot start until January.