Note: Typically in rape cases, we don’t normally identify the victim, but Cox has spoken out with WKRG before about the allegations.

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Audrey Cox, the alleged victim in the Spring Hill College rape case, spent two days on the stand giving testimony and answering questions during cross-examination.

Cox was the first witness called to the stand by the state. She took the stand Thursday, June 9 and wrapped up her testimony on Friday, June 10.

On the stand, she detailed what happened the night she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Vassil Kokali inside her dorm room in March 2021.

Cox said she didn’t know Kokali personally and just knew he was a student at Spring Hill College. She alleges she saw him at Saddle Up Saloon in downtown Mobile when she went drinking with her friends on the night in question.

During her testimony and cross-examination, she was questioned about the timeline of events and if she invited Kokali back her dorm that night.

Cox alleges she did not invite Kokali back her dorm after seeing him at the bar. The pair went back separately and Kokali did not live in New Hall, the dorm at Spring Hill College where Cox was living at the time.

Kokali’s defense attorneys argue though that Cox did invite him back after the pair were spotted making out on the dance floor. The defense also talked about Cox’s prescription drug use during cross-examination and how she had taken a combination of pills, smoked pot and consumed a large amount of alcohol on the night in question.

The defense also brought up Cox’s lawsuit against the school and Kokali, and argue her motive for the allegations is money. On Friday, which was day four of the trial, the state also called several other witnesses to the stand including two students, a professor and Cox’s roommate.

The professor who testified said Cox was one of his students. He said she texted him after the night in question and told him she thought she had been raped. He said he encouraged her to get a rape kit done and report the incident to Spring Hill police.

The state still has several witnesses they plan to call to the stand. That is expected to wrap up on Monday, June 13.

After the state is done, the defense will call their witnesses. The trial is expected to wrap up likely on Tuesday.

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