MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile Police SUV stopped on I-10 next to a crash and was hit by another vehicle.

The crash happened early Sunday, around 1 a.m. Alabama State Troopers are using this to share a message about the state’s move-over law.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency says the police vehicle’s lights were on to control traffic as Mobile police investigated a previous crash. This crash highlights the dangers of working on the roads. “Look for our lights, slow down,” said Senior Trooper Anna Peoples, with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

MPD Vehicle hit while responding to a crash on I-10

There were no significant injuries. ALEA says the crash was an accident but stresses the importance of paying attention on the road.

“Every time you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, you’re behind a weapon,” said Peoples.

Since 2019, Alabama drivers have been required by law to move over into a different lane when an emergency vehicle’s lights are on or to significantly slow down to protect law enforcement officers and others while they do their jobs.

“If you see lights and you’re not sure what lane they’re in, slow down,” said Peoples.

ALEA says the crash is still under investigation.