MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Alabama Senator Katie Britt paid a visit to the Port City last week and visited some local schools and meetings in the area.

Britt visited Satsuma High School, meeting with students and teachers that participated in their “Close Up” trip this year.

Dunbar School for Creative and Performing Arts also received a visit from Britt. A Facebook post from Mobile County Public School administration said, “[Britt] took questions from seventh-graders in a Civics class about current events. And she gave all the students a pep talk, encouraging them to get back up if they are ever knocked down, during a school-wide assembly.”

A meeting of the Law Enforcement Committee for the Southern District of Alabama was visited by Britt. She said she was able to “express her gratitude” to local law enforcement agencies. Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch was one of the attendees of the meeting.