Alabama AG Steve Marshall opens up about wife’s suicide, battle with opioids

Mobile County

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall on Wednesday spoke for the first time, publicly, since his wife’s death Sunday morning. He spoke out about being transparent and the difficulty he and his family have faced since her death.

He got extremely emotional and personal during his statement, crying multiple times. He addressed the death of his wife, Bridgette, confirming she did commit suicide, but he wanted to set the story straight.

“I watched my daughter read a reckless article last night that disclosed the circumstances about how Bridgette died, and where. And I watched my daughter’s tears. Because Bridgette is not a public figure, I am,” said Marshall.

He opened up about his wife’s struggles, “we are not the only family that’s had to deal with a family member suffer from mental health issues.”

The Attorney General explained she had a long battle with migraines, becoming dependent on opioids, specifically Fentanyl. He said she struggled with her addiction. 

“Professionally, you hear me talking about opioids, it’s personal. And when I am involved in a ministry for recovery, it’s personal for me. Because I’ve lived it and I’ve watched it and I’ve seen how it has destroyed her in many ways,” said Attorney General Steve Marshall.

The Attorney General confirmed his wife committed suicide after she had moved from the state of Alabama, concerned her private issues would be put under the microscope.

“She was scared that somebody was going to write the fact that she was committed and she had a problem and that those facts were going to be revealed to the world. She didn’t want that, and so her answer was to leave the state,” said Marshall.

Marshall explained his wife suffered from major depressive disorder and anxiety, and he worried that their marriage caused her even more problems, with him being in the public eye. 

“Wondered whether or not if I wasn’t the attorney general if she wouldn’t still be alive,” Marshall said.

The Attorney General did not take any questions after his statement, and said he will now focus on the story of her life, and that he is going to remember what she did for others.

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