MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — October will be a big month for those that are a part of Aftricatown, as well as the descendants of the Clotilda.

A story that Mobilians have known for years, will finally come to light for the entire world to see. “Descendant” is expected to start streaming on Netflix on October 21st.

Darron Patterson, President of Descendants of the Clotilda said the film is emotional, however, he believes the film has the ability to shake the nation.

“You will be overwhelmed at a city’s efforts to wipe out an entire community,” said Patterson. “We have an opportunity ‘Mobile’ to teach the world something from this movie depending on how we react to what we see on screen.”

“Descendant” will share the stories of the people of Africatown. as well as community history from descendants of the Clotilda.

The Clotilda was the last known ship to carry enslaved Africans to the United States and arrived near Mobile Bay. This all took place 40 years after African slave trading became illegal. Patterson hopes the film will break barriers in a city that has lived with this story for centuries.

“We want Mobile to be a city for all the people,” said Patterson. “Not just the rich, not just the white, not just the black, not just the people who have come here to work for Austell or Airbus. They bring different cultures from all over the world. Mobile needs to recognize that, and step up to the plate and be the city and can be…”

Patterson also hopes it teaches history to locals, as well as those across the world.

“When this movie comes out, the phones are going to ring off the hook of people saying I think I’m a descendant of Captain Foster,” said Patterson.” I think I’m a descendant of Timothy Mayor. I think I’m a descendant of Cooper Lee… They’re out there, and it’s important for the young people to know where they came from.

Patterson said details regarding the film, as well as a trailer, are expected to be released later this week.