MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — There’s an 8-foot-tall leprechaun popping up in the Port City. You’ll find him on one particular corner, and soon in yards across Mobile.

If you’re in Crichton, you might see this giant leprechaun. It’s your first sign of what’s going on inside Sign Source, a giant leprechaun assembly line.

Design manager Karyna Jones said, “It’s kind of part of the community and the neighborhood and everything so we just wanted to have fun.”

Jones is behind the additions to the original design. She said, “The amateur sketch did not have a body, to begin with, but you know he can’t stand up out here without a body.”

Jones explained that after making their own sign, they decided to start making some smaller leprechauns.

“We’ve got about 50 I believe printed,” she said. Since launching on Tuesday, Jones says orders are stacking up.

Creating one of Crichton’s famous leprechauns starts with printing out the design. The amateur sketch is brought to life with the original lined note paper visible under the iconic face.

Then, the printed leprechauns get cut out, and a backing gets added. Jones said they’ve cut so many yard leprechauns out that their laser got overworked, and they had to start cutting by hand.

As for the leprechaun outside the store, it goes to bed when the store closes, but you’ll see him out the next morning. Jones said they have big plans in store for our local leprechaun’s future.

“I think that he’s going to, you know, meet a local girl, and they’re going to have little leprechaun kids, maybe next year, we’ll see,” said Jones.

The store plans on having the leprechaun visit daily through St. Patrick’s Day. They encourage anyone who wants to stop by, to take a selfie with the leprechaun.

If you’re interested in ordering a leprechaun for your front yard, CLICK HERE for information about how you can order one.