71 dogs from Mobile SPCA are transported to Ohio

Mobile County

Dozens of dogs are being transported from the Mobile SPCA to Ohio to have a better chance at being adopted. The Mobile SPCA teamed up with the ASPCA for their animal relocation program.

On Tuesday morning the ASPCA picked up 71 dogs and will bring them to two separate shelters in Ohio where the kennels are empty.

“We’ll take all these guys up there and the 35-ish that are going to both shelters in Ohio will probably be gone by the end of next week,” said Travis Hayes with ASPCA.

At the Mobile SPCA more dogs come in than can be adopted out. SPCA officials say transporting the dogs gives them a better chance at being adopted.

So why are there so many dogs in South Alabama and Ohio doesn’t have enough? Officials at the SPCA say Ohio has stricter spay and neuter laws, so they don’t have as many puppies. The cold winters up North also make it harder for strays to survive.

“Our climate is so that we have a year-long breeding season,” said Janine Woods, Executive Director of the Mobile SPCA. “We also have a climate that they can survive.”

The abundance of animals has become a problem in Mobile County. The SPCA is constantly full. Officials are pleading with the public to spay and neuter your pets. If your dog does have puppies, you’re encouraged to foster them until they can be transported to other communities.

“You hold onto that litter of puppies, bring them in for transport, we’re going to get your mamma dog fixed,” said Woods. “You keep that mamma dog and that will end that problem.”

Until we can get the problem under control, the Mobile SPCA hopes to continue large transports several times a year with the ASPCA. The Mobile SPCA already does smaller transports twice a month to Birmingham.

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