MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — 16-year-old Kaylee Carmichael, an Alma Bryant High School student, is still in critical condition and fighting for her life after a crash in August.

She’s undergone multiple brain surgeries and procedures and is still in the ICU.

Her family says she has not woken up.

The crash happened at the end of August when Carmichael’s family says she was traveling home from Mississippi to Grand Bay when she lost control of her vehicle in the rain and crashed into a tree.

Her family says she has a long road to recovery, but is progressing slowly.

“She is showing some signs of improvement its just really up to Kaylee when she wakes up,” says Brittany Carmichael, Kaylee’s mom.

On Saturday, there was a blood drive in Bayou La Batre to honor Kaylee and replenish the blood Kaylee has been using for blood transfusions during her recovery.

“The reason we did this was to honor to Kaylee and to replace what has been donated to her to reuse and help someone else,” says Jackie Lee, a close family friend of Kaylee.

The blood donated won’t necessarily be used by Kaylee, but it will go towards other people who are in need.

Kaylee’s family is staying hopeful that she’ll wake up and they say they are just thankful she is still here with them today.

“I’m hoping for a miracle but I’m also prepared for either way it goes. But I’d rather have Kaylee here with me than not here at all,” said her mom Brittany.

You can click here to donate to Kaylee’s Go Fund Me.