15 years later, family remembers cold-case murder victim

Mobile County

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — A flag now sits near the intersection of Hercules Street and Live Oak Street where Grady Baber was killed 15 years ago.

Baber’s family still wants answers as to who killed their loved one. His daughter Debra said, “It tears me up inside just knowing that this person is walking the street and can do it to somebody else’s family.”

Debra told News 5 the Fourth of July used to be a happy time for her family. She said, “we used to have family day. I don’t have family day. It broke my family up.”

Her father was shot and killed the Fourth of July weekend in 2004. Baber used to sell shrimp and other seafood out of the back of his truck. He was inside that truck when a man walked up to him 15 years ago. Debra said, “Asked him for some shrimp. My Daddy told him he did not have no shrimp. He was not selling shrimp no more.”

Debra said the man asked her father for his wallet and then shot him. Baber’s dog was inside the car and there was one eye witness, but rain washed away a lot of evidence before detectives could get to the street.\

Debra said, “My family is still shook up over there. They don’t even like coming down here. They won’t come down here, but I’m not going to let it die until the killer is caught.”

Debra said she just wants justice for her Dad. She said, “I’d like to have closure. They know who did it. Boy need to come admit to it because he did it.”

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