MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mobile bakers continue to make big strides in the small business world.  The workers at the Dropout Bakery and Company downtown are getting busier as the carnival season ramps up.

Under a neon croissant, sits stacks of king cake orders ready to go. One of the big changes to this bakery is that you can find them in the real world.  

We first told you about the Dropout Bakery in a what’s working segment in February of last year.  At that time they were baking out of their Mobile loft and filling orders online.  Just a few months after their story aired they set up shop in Mobile’s Innovation Portal downtown, getting a storefront when they thought it would take years to hit that goal.  

“This is a very rewarding job for us, first of all, it’s not only a job it’s also our hobby so that keeps us going just the fact we love what we do and we love all of our supporters and our customers,” said Co-Owner Lacey Evans. The baking still happens off-site but that’s changing soon. The owners just installed a slew of high-end baking machines. Once they get the thumbs up from the health department, the creative confectionaries will be made at the downtown store.

As the business grows, they have others goals in the future. They include offering baking classes and eventually a fresh bread subscription service.

You can visit Dropout Bakery and Company online. Here‘s a link to their Facebook page. Here is a link to their Instagram page, and here’s their TikTok profile.