MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — One of the first signs that Mardi Gras is truly underway in Mobile is the tradition of campers congregating in the area known as RV City underneath the I-10 bridge.

RV City is packed out for yet another year. There’s 118 campers set up where people can be close to all the action for Mardi Gras.

“This is the heart of Mardi Gras,” said Robin Robinson, an RV City camper.

For nearly 24 years, RV City has been the hub where people come and celebrate all season long.

People leave their RVs parked and enjoy themselves with friends and family without the headache of trying to beat traffic on a busy parade day.

Robinson says coming to RV City has been an almost 10-year tradition for she and her family. She tells News 5 what she’s looking forward to this year.

“All of our friends gathering together, hanging out, having crawfish boils, cooking, bonfires and then going to the parades together,” said Robinson. “It’s just a big fun party down here.”

For people like Cindy Eubanks, RV City has been a family affair since the very beginning. Next to her RV sits her best friend and son and across from them is her other son and her son’s best friend.

“It’s fun, we know a ton of people being here so long,” said Eubanks. “You can walk up and down, it’s like our own little city for a couple weeks a year and I love it.”

RV City’s Coordinator, Peggy Jimenez, told News 5 that there has been some uncertainty of RV City since plans of rebuilding the I-10 bridge. Nonetheless, RV City is still going strong and campers are hopeful that RV City will be around for many more years to come.

Right now, there are 53 people on the waitlist hoping to roll in their campers and join in on the fun.

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Throughout Friday, people will be making their way to their campers to prepare for the Mardi Gras season to kick off in Mobile.