MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Mardi Gras excitement is spreading, as parades are now rolling in Mobile County.

One thing every rider needs are throws! Mardi Gras supply stores say they have plenty in stock, and they’re seeing people spend a lot more money than they have in the past.

As we get closer to non-stop parades in the city of Mobile, many are taking the time to stock up on throws.

“I buy a lot of MoonPies and we buy the Fiddler peanuts,” said one rider.

Last year, stores like Rock the Float on Airport Boulevard started selling their supplies quickly.

“At this point last year, we were looking barren in the store,” said Michael Druhan, owner of Rock the Float.

Druhan says there were some challenges this year. Inflation has driven up the prices of food and there have been issues overseas due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s just that supply chain challenge that we’ve had the last few years it has been corrupted a little bit over in China,” said Druhan. “What was taking up to 30 to 37 days sometimes take all the way to two months to get your supply. Stuff that was coming in November, I just got last week.”

Some riders are shopping around for the best prices, and to try to find the items they throw every year.

“I think some things are a little more expensive this year,” explained one rider. “And I know some of the other stores I’ve been in already, they didn’t have a lot of the things that come from China.”

Druhan says prices on their food items have gone up anywhere from 10 to 15%. Shipping prices from overseas are also higher than usual, but they are doing what they can to keep those costs down for revelers.

“The items we’re buying overseas, pretty much the same prices, the difference is the shipping costs were more,” said Druhan.