Mardi Gras Attendance: Biggest Crowds in Last Ten Years

Mardi Gras

More than a million people hit the streets of downtown Mobile this Mardi Gras season, more than any other in the last ten years, according to Mobile Police.

Mobile Police Chief James Barber says 1,172,000 people flooded the streets of Mobile in the last month for Mardi Gras.

Just as significant, Barber says it was also the lowest arrest rate of the last decade.

Fat Tuesday was the most attended parade event of the season, followed closely by Joe Cain Day:

  1. Fat Tuesday (132,000 people)
  2. Joe Cain Day (118,798 people)
  3. Mystic of Time (114,200 people)
  4. Northside Merchants Parade (92,928 people)
  5. Mystic Stripers & Order of Lashe (84,276 people)
  6. Crewe of Columbus (81,398 people)
  7. Maids of Mirth, Order of Butterfly Maidens and the Krewe of Marry Mates (80,193 people)
  8. Order of Inca (72,192 people)
  9. Mobile Mystics (65,904 people)
  10. Pharoahs & Conde Explorers (62,440 people)

Of the 1.172 million who partied in Mobile, only 106 were arrested by police — the lowest arrest to attendance ratio in the last ten years:

  1. Fat Tuesday (42 arrests)
  2. Joe Cain Day (12 arrests)
  3. Maids of Mirth, Order of Butterfly Maidens and the Krewe of Marry Mates (7 arrests)

Based on these figures, Mobile Police arrested just .009% of the people who attended Mardi Gras in 2016.

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