MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — We’re getting down to the final days of parades in Mobile. This year crowds are slowly coming back.

Publisher of Mobile Mask Steve Joynt said a lot of people were expecting crowds to explode post-pandemic but really it’s been a gradual climb. Joynt’s been closely tracking Mardi Gras numbers and happenings for several years. He said in general, crowds are not back to pre-pandemic levels–although this weekend we did see one nighttime parade with more than 100-thousand people. He said we’ve been hit with some cold weather this year and threats of severe weather before some parades but things have been trending upwards.

“I think instead of the explosion that so many of us were expecting it’s going to be a slow build back, and that’s true of everything, true of travel, retail, a lot of different things,” said Steve Joynt with Mobile Mask. Creativity has been key during the 2021 covid parade break. He cites things like the porch parade as an example of people expanding Mardi Gras into new traditions that have only grown in the last three years.

“I’d love to see that just continue to grow and be an outlet for a lot of imagination that’s what a lot of this is about,” said Joynt. For more WKRG Mardi Gras coverage click here.