DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) – Tucked away in a small shopping center along Highway 98 in Daphne is a bakery known for its sweet treats and homemade entrees, but there’s a lot more cooking in the kitchen.

“She messed with a recipe for a little bit and she came up with a crawfish dressing,” said Barbara Sylkatis. “It’s a homemade bread recipe,” explained Laura Stafford.

The crawfish king cake is Gourmet Goodies’ number one seller this month and owners Barbara Sylkatis and Laura Stafford are doing what they can to keep up with the orders.

“When we think we’ve caught up we get a mad rush of more, but we’re so thankful for it. We’ve toyed around and looked now at hiring a night crew,” said Stafford.

This seasonal favorite is now receiving recognition across the Gulf Coast after being named the 3rd best king cake in the country during the New Orlean’s King Cake Extravaganza in early January. That attention is now attracting customers from northwest Florida and south Mississippi to this local shop.

“They said don’t announce anything yet, but you’ve one number one in the state, number one new contender, number one in savory and number three overall and I was just like really shocked,” Stafford continued.

A lot goes into making each cake. They’re all done by hand and made to order.

“All of our stuff is fresh ingredients and you have to have it done and out the door because the shelf life is like 2-3 days,” Stafford said.

The king cakes are so popular, they’re considering still selling them after Mardi Gras season wraps up. But, an official decision hasn’t been made yet.

“Her husband does all of our finances and all of our bookkeeping for us and he was like listen you guys have quadrupled from last year to this year,” Stafford said, referring to Sylkatis’ husband.

The owners say as long as the orders keep coming in, they’ll do their best to fulfill each one.