DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (WKRG) — The west end is seeing some low-level flooding way ahead of Hurricane Michael. A strong westerly wind and higher than normal tide are contributing to the flooding.

The west end of the island typically sees some of the first, and worst of tropical storms that near the northern Gulf Coast.

Mayor Jeff Collier says if the storm continues to track further east, they may avoid some of the west end flooding that has plagued some of the people who live and vacation there. Earlier this year Tropical Storm Gordon brought flooding. Last year, another tropical system piled sand high onto roads, including the main one, Bienville Boulevard, causing months of cleanup. 

The mayor says they also hope to avoid having to shut down water and sewer service on that end of the island due to the storm.

Local realty company ACP was checking on some of their vacation renters to make sure they knew what to do to stay safe during a storm, and that their vehicles were parked on higher ground to avoid being caught in floodwater.