The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is making progress on their new home, thanks to some good neighbors.

The Zoo received $4,700 in donations today (3/29/19); one check for $44 hundred from Big Beach Marathon and another for $300 from the Lower Alabama Parrotheads.

The presentation took place at the future home of the Zoo off County Road 6 in Gulf Shores as construction on the new digs continued.

Zoo Director Dr. Adam Langston says it’s all about the animals, To build them a home in which they deserve, to be strong and resistant against weather and hurricanes events, to provide shelter against the heat and cold is like no other. These animals deserved a new home, and we needed to build them a new home.

The new Zoo will be four times larger that the current Zoo and features all new enclosures and exhibits.

You can learn more by visiting their website here.