PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has closed an investigation after finding a recording device several months ago inside the Escambia County Administrator’s office.

“I’d hate for someone’s personal information to be inappropriately released,” Administrator Janice Gilley said.

Gilley first became concerned when she said some details of a private conversation in her office were spreading around in public. FDLE came in to her office on the 4th floor of the county building at Palafox and Government and did a sweep which resulted in them finding a video and audio recording device.

“We don’t have any top secret conversations in my office but there are private sensitive issues that are discussed,” Gilley said. “I mean we have employee issues, we have disciplinary issues, union issues.”

Commissioners’ officers were swept too but no other devices were found.

Gilley joined Commissioner Jeff Bergosh Wednesday morning for his virtual Coffee With A Commissioner. Some believe the device was planted by someone with easy access to her office.

“Stephen online says it might be an inside job,” Bergosh said as he read viewer comments on the live stream. “Well, I think it probably pretty much had to be right. Someone had to have access to your spaces.”

Gilley said there are surveillance cameras but not many on the 4th floor. She said the building is secure.

“We do monitor access to the building,” she said. “We do look at anomalies. Late nights..weekends. Folks that might be going in and out of places they wouldn’t normally go in and out.”

The county took bids and they’re now waiting on a vendor to come and install cipher locks on some of the doors, which includes a keypad to get into some of the offices.

FDLE ended its investigation and it’s still unknown who put the device there and what information might have been made public.