“Plan B” for tolling Mobile River Bridge project

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BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — State Senator Chris Elliott calls this a “Plan B”. If there are going to be tolls to help fund the building of the Mobile River Project, what about a dollar for dollar credit on your Alabama tax return?

Six dollars, one way. “Maybe $2.50 but six dollars is outrageous to me,” says Baldwin County resident Billy White.

Senator Elliott may have a solution in the form of legislation. “This bill provides a dollar for dollar tax credit of any toll paid in this project. So, folks that are going to be impacted by this toll are made whole.”

He hopes it’s never needed and that ALDOT will come up with a different plan to fund the two billion dollar project. “If they choose to move forward we wanted to have a “plan B” and that’s what this is,” he says.

To pay for the tax credit, Elliott has also pre-filed a bill that directs how royalties from offshore oil and gas wells or “GOMESA” money, can be spent. That money would be used to fund the tax credit. “It’s a credit, not a deduction so it’s a dollar for dollar credit against taxes owed or refund if the amount spent on tolls exceeded liability.”

He says this isn’t the perfect solution but it could be the next best thing. “My focus is that Alabama pays no tolls on this bridge.”

Those bills will be introduced in the next regular session of the legislature and so far Elliott says feedback from other lawmakers has been positive.

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