ALABAMA (CBS/WKRG) — Phase two of the state’s partnership with a company that makes opioid overdose fighting devices, will now be found in public and private high schools here in Alabama.

Lawmakers say high schools in Alabama are becoming a target for opioids. “We’re going to give them a device, that they would never have the opportunity to have, because they can’t afford to buy these in schools,” says Senator Gerald Dial. That device he is referring to is EVZIO, their parent company Kaleo is giving these devices to Alabama at no cost to taxpayers. It is used to bring someone back to life after having an overdose.

“Hopefully we never get here, but we want to be prepared if we do,” he says. These devices would be stored with the school nurse. “It can be very helpful until EMS can get there,” says Matthew Knight with the Alabama Association of Rescue Squads. Since May at least 15 lives have been saved with these devices, that breaks down to one life a week. “Lives saved meaning they were able to emplacement the kit or use the injection, and first responders, licensed first responders, were able to get them further treatment,” says Jamey Durham, with the Alabama Department of Health.

These devices are available at no cost to schools. These devices are now available for schools, and if schools are interested they should contact the Alabama Health Department.