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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Claims of therapeutic benefits linked to the cannabis plant cover the entire body.  Users say it relieves headaches, back aches, joint pain, helps them sleep and eases anxiety.

“I disconnected from life and basically lived in my bedroom”, said Jennifer Galloway of Fairhope.

Diagnosed with a debilitating condition seven years ago, Galloway has undergone surgeries on her head and neck.  She relied on opioids for pain relief, but not anymore.

Now she drops CBD oil under her tongue with trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component in marijuana.  Galloway says it gives her a peaceful feeling without making her high.

“You just start feeling less stressed, less concerned about silly things and the important things come to focus and things just start falling into place a lot better”, said Galloway.

Hailey Goodrum of Saraland makes no apologies for giving CBD oil to her 2-year-old son, Zaiden, who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  He typically has 200 seizures a day and has had up to 400. 

“I’d much rather he be on something natural than be on a controlled substance”, said Goodrum.

When taking a controlled substance prescribed by a doctor, his mother said Zaiden continued to have seizures and became irritable.

“With the CBD he wants to be hugged.  He likes to cuddle.  He is completely different now”, said Goodrum.

Zaiden’s mom buys the CBD oil from CannaBama in Satsuma where co-owner Jennifer Boozer says business is booming.  She sells CBD with and without THC.  The products sold in many forms including gummies, creams, vapes and bath bombs are not regulated by the FDA which doesn’t bother Boozer.

“Not when I think about the fact that most vitamins and supplements are not approved by the FDA”, said Boozer.

Virginia Guy, Executive Director of Mobile’s Drug Education Council, says the FDA regulated pharmaceutical-grade CBD is the safest route.  Overall, she says CBD has a lot of promise.

“I really feel like we need more research on this.  I think that maybe there is some other uses but we need to make sure exactly where the plant is coming from, how it’s manufactured, how it’s sold, how it’s dosed and we want to make sure the doses are consistent”, said Guy.

Guy says users need to be very confident in the people who are selling CBD.

Boozer agreed with Guy saying it can be scary when looking to purchase CBD. “Here at CannaBama, we are vetting, we are doing our homework.  We are checking, checking, and checking to make sure the product you get is worth every penny you’re gonna spend and it will not harm you or hurt you in any way and it can only benefit you,”

Boozer says third-party lab results verify what is and is *not* in their products at CannaBama.

“You don’t want ethanol or butane.  You don’t want chemical fertilizers or pesticides in your product”, said Boozer who also suggests checking with your doctor before taking CBD oil because it may interact with other medications.
As for Galloway, she said her doctor approves, “He thought it was wonderful and very impressed with how well I have done and encouraged me to continue taking it.”

Even though the products don’t get you high., there’s no guarantee you won’t fail a drug test if you use those with trace amounts of THC.especially if you use them over time.

THC is stored in fat cells and it can take a while for the body to break it down.



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