Mobile, Ala. (WKRG)-A Mobile woman recounts her experience with domestic violence last week and how posting about the attack on Facebook brought to light her boyfriend’s dark past.

Lance Lucas is behind bars at Mobile Metro jail tonight after a domestic violence attack last Wednesday. Kali Young sharing about her attack on Facebook, the post being shared nearly two thousand times.

Young still battered and bruised sharing her story with us of the night she says she had to fight for her life, all while her one-year-old son was asleep in the next room. “I didn’t want my child to wake up and his mother be gone. I never imagined I would be fighting for my life in a million years.” Young says. She said it all started on Wednesday night when Lucas saw a name of a man he didn’t recognize on Young’s Netflix account. It was her cousin using the account, but Young says that’s when he grew with rage and began to attack her. “He grabbed me by my neck and threw me on the ground right here and just started slamming my head on the ground with his hands around my neck.”

From there she says the attack moved through the home as she tried to fight him off…traces of the struggle still evident from her shattered phone to scuff marks on the walls to Lucas’s bloody t-shirt. “I was thinking to myself, I was like God I know you dictate our time here on this earth, but this is not my time…I know my son will outlive me, but not by this much.”

She was finally able to get in contact with police by using her company cell phone to text her boss to call the cops. They arrived and arrested 29-year-old Lance Lucas for 3rd degree domestic violence, domestic violence, strangulation and resisting arrest.

After the dust settled, Young decided to make that Facebook post. In turn she got message after message from women saying the same thing had happened to them in the past. We also dug into Lucas’s arrest record which showed numerous domestic violence charges, including strangulation charges…all dating back to 2015. “If you are going through this and you’re scared, I get it, but get help there are resources out there, there are so many resources. Don’t be scared because your life is more valuable than your life.”  

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence here are resources below:

The Penelope House: 251-342-8994

The Lighthouse: 251-947-6008