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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Local congressmen Bradley Bryne (R-AL) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) say they both voted against the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

The Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump over the charges that he abused the power of his office and he obstructed Congress in its investigation.

Congressman Matt Gaetz voted “no” on both articles of impeachment filed against the president.

“This isn’t about Ukraine. It’s about power. Donald Trump has it — and the Democrats want it. With no crime, no victim, no evidence, no proof, and no agenda for America, this impeachment charade has followed no rules, and adheres to no sense of honor. The American people aren’t fooled by dirty tricks. Americans will never forget that Democrats have been triggered into impeaching the President — simply because they don’t like him…and they don’t like us. Those who vote “yes” on today’s articles of impeachment must carry the heavy burden of shame and guilt, for as long as they serve in Congress — which won’t be long, because Americans will remember in November. Democrats would rather trip the President, just to see him stumble, than see America succeed.

Congressman Gaetz

Congressman Bradley Byrne also voted against the two articles of impeachment, calling sham articles of impeachment “most legally unsound in history.”

From the beginning, this has been a sham and this House has been nothing but a star chamber! The Democrat majority literally locked themselves in the basement of this building, hiding from the American people. When my colleagues and I refused to stand for it, Democrats moved to public hearings but denied us questions, denied us witnesses, and denied the President any meaningful opportunity to defend himself.

Congressman Byrne

The congressman Tweet after the House voted saying, ” I VOTED NO on impeachment. This was never about justice or facts. It was nothing more than a Witch Hunt from the start.”


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