MONROEVILLE, Ala. (WKRG) — News 5 headed to Monroe County Friday night, the first stop of our “Your Hometown” series. WKRG News 5’s Rose Ann Haven and Blake Brown will bring you special reports live from the historic courthouse square in downtown Monroeville. Chief Meteorologist Ed Bloodsworth will be down the road in Frisco City with the Monroe County Rodeo.

Rose Ann Haven and Blake Brown met with community members across the Monroe County, covering its rich past and vibrant present. Monroeville is famous as the setting for Harper Lee’s classic novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Roseann Haven and Blake Brown also visited downtown Monroeville, which is seeing a revitalization. New businesses are popping up along Main Street thanks to private investments, which are helping boost expansion in the downtown district.

Monroeville isn’t the only community benefiting from revitalization efforts. Frisco City, located in Monroe County, is also seeing a resurgence in the city’s downtown area. Downtown Frisco City is seeing an uptick in small boutiques and businesses. Like Monroeville, Frisco City has a rich history that interests both residents and visitors.

Like many South Alabama communities, Monroe County is no stranger to heavy downpours. Roseann Haven and Blake Brown spoke with Monroe County EMA director Chuck Downing about how the county is preparing for flooding in the midst of severe weather.

Ed Bloodsworth met with Rodeo Announcer Clint Allemand to talk about all the rodeo action, including, barrel racing, Muttin’ Bustin’ and other fun attractions. Ed didn’t go alone: he brought the brand new WKRG Weather Beast, which may have been the wildest animal at the rodeo.

Ed Bloodsworth caught up with Clint Allemand, who explained barrel racing during a live demonstration. Barrel racers work with their horses to make quick, “cloverleaf-shaped” turns around the barrels.

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