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Hopefully, by now everyone has had a chance to get in at least one dove hunt, so for this week, we have a tailgate special for you.  Jalapeno dove poppers from Chef Ernie Danjean. 

Ernie Danjean: “So we have these wonderful dove breasts that Gary brought to me just a minute ago.  And what I’m going to do guys, is I’m going to filet it off the bone, getting all the bones out, you want it to be boneless.  And basically what we do is we take two of the breasts, like so.  I’m going to take a little bit of the cream cheese right off the block here, set it right in the center.  Take one nice jalapeño right there on top of that, take my other breast and put in on top.  Then you take one whole piece of bacon and I like a whole piece of bacon because it will wrap it tight and hold it together. You set it like so.  And then basically you just roll it up, nice and tight and then you take a long toothpick like we have right here, shove it right through and make sure it goes through both breasts and then right here I have my wonderful sweet chili glaze sauce and I’m just going to drop it in here and let it just soak right there and marinate a little bit. Rule of thumb is when the bacon is done, the dish is ready.

But they work great for tailgating.  You can do it on an outdoor grill, you can grill them on a flat grill, you can cook them on a George Foreman grill, you can cook them in a pan. You can pretty much cook them anyway that you cook bacon. The great thing about this is that with the toothpicks, it make is it an excellent appetizer.  Finger food, finger food.”

Folks, another great recipe dreamed up by Chef Ernie.

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